LIVING in a Tiny House

Now, I don’t live in a Tiny House, may never live in one, however, that doesn’t keep me from dreaming about the PERFECT tiny house.

With that in mind, I’d like everyone’s thoughts about this one. It only has floor plans at this time, there will be additional elevations and sketches, but for now, just imagine walking through this one. C:UsersRJHPDocuments2012 Client Jobs - June 6, 2014TINY HOU

For those of you who do build homes:  The kitchen, bath, office and foyer are framed with 8′ walls.  The Loft(s) have 6′ kneewalls and there is a gabled roof on top of the kneewalls, consequently, the lofts have minimum of 6′ head height.  As for the stairs, the codes have changed over the past few years, each tread here is only 9″ wide.  It won’t be the easiest staircase to get up, but it is more than adequate especially since most tiny houses have ladders!

I’ve seen the IKEA kitchen table in many Tiny Homes.  It is only about 12-18″ x 30″ but folds into a HUGE table.  Just in case you didn’t notice, there is plenty of room for

There is a full kitchen and the FULL SIZED stackable washer/dryer is in the bathroom.  There are quite a few cabinets for dishes and supplies as well as a 4′ x 18″ pantry cabinet.  Who won’t love that!

There is room in the Bedroom/Loft for a King Size Bed!  There is also a walk-in closet as well as a secondary closet which could be a built-in dresser or shoe shelves, whatever your heart desires.

I’d like your thoughts!

We have a total of 674 Heated Sq. Ft.

2 thoughts on “LIVING in a Tiny House”

  1. Linked to your page from a comment you left at the Tiny House Talk website. Love this tiny home design you came up with. It really looks like something one could actually live in!
    My only question is, what are the dimensions?
    You breakdown the square footage (thanks), but I don’t see what size footprint this space occupies.

    1. Hi Dean.

      I believe the footprint is 16′ x 30′. When designing spaces like this, I tend to use round numbers when I can. This is based on the tiny house concept, but was blown up a little for my sister in law who likes the tiny house concept but the 8′ width and tiny showers and toilets are not for her. She didn’t want the ability to be mobile, She just was looking for economical. This really is nice. Most people wouldn’t want the bathroom on the first floor away from the bedroom, but personally I don’t care if I have to go up and down the stars as I’m not up much at night but that could change in the future. A half bath could easily be added.

      This plan has not yet been fully developed but could be. I am a certified residential designer (our company has been around since 1964) and we could complete this into construction blueprints for you if desired. It can even be modified for you as well. A good timeline for that would be from 2-4 weeks with a couple of rounds of preliminary plans inbetween.

      You didn’t ask about the elevations, these could be as simple as a single ridge, front to back with a shed porch or whatever you like, modern/contemporary or dormers can be added for additional space in the loft and more light in living area.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Janne Zack

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