Documents Needed for Application Process

Zack Props Applicant Documentation List:

and other helpful information

All Applicants must make application in person.

Any documents you bring in, we will happily make copies and return your originals to you.

All fees must be paid with certified funds (WE PREFER: Money Orders).  No Cash or Personal Checks. If for any reason you are not qualified for one of our units, we will simply give you back your money order rather than you having to wait for our bookkeeping department to cut a refund check (7-10 day turnaround).

Application appointments are available M-F (10 – 5) at 293 S. Walnut Bend Rd. Cordova, TN 38018.    Appointments required.

Call to schedule your appointment today!  901-290-6202


Viewing the unit:

For the safety of our employees, Rental Units will only be shown AFTER you have had an appointment at our rental office and provided approved Photo ID, and paid your $100 application fee.  The application fee refundable if you do not qualify.

We schedule viewings of the property on the weekends.  If you hate the unit, or the layout will not work for you, we will gladly refund your Application Fee.

 Because we schedule viewings while tenants are still in the unit, you should not bring children or animals to the viewing, only the adult applicants.

The following items must be provided when completing a Rental Application.

  • Drivers’ License (or State Photo ID) (original, no photocopies) for ALL adult applicants (age 18 and over).
  • Social Security Card (original, no photocopies)
  • $100.00 APPLICATION FEE per unit, not per person: (REFUNDABLE) If you do not qualify or are not selected for the unit, this will be refunded 100%. If approved for the unit, this fee is credited toward your 2nd Month’s rentPlease, Do not combine fees onto the same Money Order, this will only slow down your refund.
  • $35.00 Background Check Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) required for each ADULT who will be living in the unit and/or Co-Signers for the property. ALL $35 fees must be paid with separate Money Orders in the event you are due a refundAll applicants must make application in person.
  • PHOTO: We reserve the right to take a current photo of all adult applicants.



Bring the following items to make your application process move more quickly.

The property you are interested in will not be vacant long!  At the last turn-over, this unit rented in 3 days and with a 6-hour turn-over time.  Don’t delay!  Get  all of these items together.  They are required with your application.  Applications will not be processed until all of these items are submitted. 

  • Pay Stubs: Two Months of Pay Stubs (this could be up to 8 paystubs), must be most recent 2 months, older paystubs are not acceptable. You can also have your company EMAIL PDF copies of Pay Stubs directly to US: e-mail [email protected]
  • Current Lease Bring your current original lease with signatures of your former landlord and we will happily make copies so you can keep your original. If you have past leases (for the last 3 places you’ve lived), this will only help you qualify sooner.  If you do not have a current lease, please bring as many of the following as you have.
  • Previous Address(es): We need at least 3 addresses of rental history or the past 3 years if you don’t have 3 previous addresses, bring this information with you; Landlord names, Leasing Agency/Property Manager names, and their phone numbers & email addresses.  Be sure to include apartment numbers on your application form.
  • Copy of a current MLG & W bill (or other utility company if you are from out of the area). [If you have never had utilities in your name, you need to make application NOW so that you can have power by the time you move in if accepted.]
  • Employment Information: Three (3) years records are required. Bring Company Name, Manager’s Name, Company Address, phone, supervisor’s name, phone, etc., with you. Make sure your Work History Dates are accurate as well as your hourly wages/salaries. These will be verified. If you falsify any information on your application, you will be automatically disqualified from tenancy. You can write these down on a separate sheet of paper if you wish and just give this list to us (as opposed to filling out tiny blanks on our application form).
  • Emergency Contacts: Bring the names, addresses, email addresses, phone/cell numbers of at least 3 people who do not live with you, that we may need to contact in the event of an emergency and we cannot get in touch with you, or in the event something happens to you (fire, tornado, illness or death etc.).  We HOPE we will never need to use this information. You can write these down on a separate sheet of paper  (as opposed to filling out tiny blanks on our application form).
  • RENTER’S INSURANCE: Bring a copy of your current policy, or make application for a policy.  This is required to live in our units. If you do not currently have a policy or a good insurance agent, contact Lynn McDonald at Allstate Insurance (901-849-7101) and tell her you were referred by Zack Properties and she will give you the best rate available to date. It costs around $12-$20 per month and will protect YOUR items in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, theft, etc., even things stolen from your car are covered!  It also covers the house should you accidentally set it on fire, or your washer over flows, etc. You are out $0.00 and your insurance pays for the damages. If you do not have renter’s insurance and the building burns down or is broken into, your items will NOT covered. Our policy only covers the structure and our equipment. In most cases,  accidental damage caused by you is covered under your renter’s insurance policy, thus you may receive more of your security deposit back at the end of your lease.


  • We are an Equal Opportunity Home Leasing Company.
  • The applicant(s) with the most favorable Credit, Financial and Criminal Background as well as continuous Work History will be accepted as the tenant, not necessarily the first applicant.
  • Argumentative or Combative applicants will not be accepted.
  • Applications that are incomplete will not be processed until they are complete.
  • Applications that are untruthful will be automatically denied.

All fees prior to tenancy must be made in certified funds on SEPARATE Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks.

You will need the following checks (quick reference) prior to tenancy:
  1. Application Fee (1 per unit) = $100.00
  2. Back Ground Check Fee (per tenant over 18 years of age) = $35.00 each (separate money orders, please!)
ONCE APPROVED, you will need the following Certified Funds:
  1. Security Deposit = $1,000 (Cashier’s Check Preferred) to hold the unit until your move-in day which must be by the first of the next month.
  2. First Month’s Rent (no discounts on first month) = $1,395.00

We prefer no pets because of conditions with this unit. However, if you must have a pet, we reserve the right to interview the pet and will require the following:

  1. Pet Deposit  = $250.00 per pet
  2. $25 per month PET RENT per pet.
  3. If any other pets are brought into the property – including visiting, pet-sitting or fostering pets that are not PREVIOUSLY APPROVED IN WRITING FROM THE LANDLORD, you will be charged a separate PET DEPOSIT of $300 plus $35 per month rental from the FIRST DATE OF TENANCY.

NOTE:  SAs or ESAs have no additional fees if properly disclosed and all reasonable accommodations (in writing) are received by the landlord PRIOR to bringing in the animal.  All ESAs require a “prescriptions” or “doctors’ letter” dated within the past 12 months by a local physician, therapist or social worker in accordance with HUD regulations and the state of TN.  These must all be in order PRIOR to moving an animal into the unit.

To FALSELY identify a pet as an ESA by lying or using a fake letter obtained online is equivalent to “impersonating a disabled person” and is illegal and dishonest.  If this is found to be the case, you will be denied tenancy.  If you are already in one of our units, the pet fees referenced above will be doubled ($600 deposit & $70 per month PER PET rent retroactive to the 1st month of tenancy).