Deer View

So, while out and about… while waiting for my lots to be listed on the County Register’s site, I thought I’d drive by them the other day just to see what traffic is like at that time of the day… are neighbors home at 9 a.m. or are most gone off to a job of some sort? So, I’m driving through after dropping off my hubby’s dry cleaning and discovered his little thing hanging out on my lots.

deer 2

deer 1


I watched her for a while, then did the block and came back to see if the sound of my car would scare her off.  Not a chance, as it turns out.  She was still there munching on grass.

I find it fascinating as these lots are TINY and they are right in the middle of a subdivision with cars passing by often.  This, by the way, will be the view out the Master Bedroom of 2 of my houses… just some nice woods.  No one knows for how long, but the land behind these lots is totally undeveloped.  At least for now, the view will be wonderful!  Maybe I’ll add a small deck off the Master Bedroom (on the back of the 2nd floor) so that the future tenants can sit out there and watch this kind of wildlife.  I wouldn’t mind that at all!




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