Who am I?

I doubt anyone will read this, so I’m just going to say what I want to say and quit.

I don’t know who I am any more. All of who I thought I was has all been based on what others either thought of me, or what they said I was. Now I’m not so sure. Here are some of my earliest recollections.

I was born in Southwest TN but after a few months of life, I moved to northwest MS. I apparently learned to walk there while things were still under construction as I remember a few things. I can remember my dad building a dog house. Apparently he was building it while it sat up on some saw horses, but I can remember being able to walk under the dog house (without ducking) and I wondered at that time, why is the dog house so far off the ground? The dog is down here on my level and I couldn’t imagine how the dog was going to get into his house. If I was short enough to walk under the saw horses, I HAD to have been quite young (less than 2).

I remember getting new rain boots. It rained and rained for days, so I begged my mother to let me wear them outside after the rain had stopped. I wanted to make sure they worked. They were just little yellow boots with the little rubber loop that would hook around a button to help them stay on your feet. Outside I went walking all around the yard. I saw a puddle, so went to walk through it. I apparently stopped in the puddle and started sinking. I started screaming as I thought the earth was literally going to swallow me up! My mom came running to rescue me and picked me up. My boot stayed deep inside the earth. I was horrified that the earth, that had eaten my boot certainly would have swallowed me whole! I do not recall if my boot was rescued, but I do not ever remember wearing them, or even seeing them after that. If my mom was anything like me, she did get the boot, I mean, we paid good money for them! But, I can imagine that the boots sat on the front porch for a year waiting to be cleaned up, and then, they didn’t fit any more, so someone, probably my dad, finally tossed them in the trash as they were probably still covered with dirt and sticks and such. Not much use for boots that don’t fit.

I need to dispose of the muddy boots from my current life too.