Must Haves

I’m totally addicted to the Tiny House Movement.  I LOVE looking at the designs, I love imagining myself living in one (not thinking of course that my hubby could never live in there with me, so it’s not going to happen any time soon, but that still doesn’t keep me from obsessing over them).


So my question is this, what things do you have that you can’t live without? I know newly weds and hippies don’t hold on to possessions, but I have a few heirlooms that have been handed down to me that I really don’t want to part with.  SO, I’d need to make a place for them in my tiny house.

One piece is called a “Break Front” or Hoosier (sp?) that was used in my grandmother’s kitchen.  It was just about the only counter top she ever used.  It is really deep (at least 30″-36″ deep.  There is a cabinet with glass doors on the upper part and small drawers/bins under that upper cabinet.  Below the counter is 2 drawers that would hold silverware and utensils and below those are two huge drawers/bins to hold flower and corn meal maybe.  This sits up off the floor and allows for storage below.  This piece I couldn’t leave behind.

I also have a buffet.  It is about 36″ tall and about 5′-6′ long.  It has 2 long drawers in the center, again for silverware and service pieces, a deeper drawer for linens.  On each end is a cabinet door.  The space is about 18″ square on each end. I’m assuming this is where other serving pieces would have been stored like large bowls or pitchers.  This piece would have to come with me.  I currently use the buffet in my master bedroom as a TV stand.  We use the drawers like a dresser and just use the cabinets for storage.  I would probably use this in my tiny house for that as well.

What things, that you have now, would you insist on keeping if you were moving into a tiny house? Furniture, Equipment, Sports gear? I’d like to know.